Artist Submittals

at the Station:
Art Encounters at
Liberty Station

Art in Public Places – Installations at the Station Review Committee,
We are pleased to provide you the Artist Submittals we received for Installations at the Station. There are 29 Applications. Please review in advance of January 22.


Please take time in advance of our January 22 Panel Review Meeting to read through the applications to get a sense of what is being proposed and how they all stack up. Below we’ve provided a Score Sheet that you can use while you review that will help you track your impressions. This is what we will use to score at the January 22 meeting.

Process on Monday, January 22 – starting at 9:30am

On Monday, January 22, we will meet as a Review Panel and go through the applications.   We’ll discuss each applicant as a group, and individually come up with points at that time.  Andrew will track everyone’s points to get an average for that Artist.

At the end of the review, we will have either clear support for up to 5 or more applications, we may have artists that we want to meet in person, or we will have to go deeper with our review to come up with projects we approve.

Print the Score Sheet

1. Becky Guttin
2. Carolina Montejo
3. Cat Chiu Phillips
4. Christoper Sake Kinney
5. Cloud Formation Laboratory
6. David Krimmel
7. David Levitt
8. Elizabeth Washburn – Combat Arts
9. Gabriel Dice
10. Hugo Crosthwaite
11. Janis Jones
12. Jeremy Nuttall
13. Jon Koehler
14. Josemar Gonzalez Lizerraga – The Aja Project
15. Karl Roesch
16. Kira Corser and Arthur Frick
17. Lisa B. Chaddock & Terri Oelrich-Hughes
18. Lissa Corona + Marina Grize
19. Lovejoy Creations
20. Michael Carini
21. Nicholas Meyer
22. Outside the Lens – Bittner – Veltzz
23. Sergey Gornushkin
24. Shinpei Takeda
25. St Madeleine Sophie’s Center
26. Stephanie Clair
27. transcenDANCE
28. Vicki Leon
29. Whitney Lynn