First Friday Participation

Help us get guests to EXPERIENCE SOMETHING CREATIVE “here” at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station!

Tell us what you are planning in the form below for the next VIRTUAL First Friday ARTS DISTRICT. We want guests to engage with working artists, enjoy dance, theatre, and music performances, explore the digital galleries, museums, artist studios, distinctive e-shops and take out/delivery dining from the historic Liberty Station, and we need to know that you have to go on to make that happen! In February we are focusing on “Art you Love” and “Falling on love with art” topics and performances. **March content deadline is 2/4/21.



Program Tips & Resources:
  • See an in-depth list of Program tips & resources
  • Create a custom “First Friday ARTS DISTRICT” event page on your website and add a link from your homepage. on the event page add any program content.
  • Share content you have already created or pre-recorded.
  • Host a “live” program using your technology of choice. E.g. YouTube, Facebook or Instagram Live, Twitch, Zoom, etc. “Live” content can be pre-recorded and shared “live” on some platforms.
    *If your program schedule is flexible, contact Andrew Waltz to strategize program times.
  • Partner with another collaborator. Creativity and talent abound in ARTS DISTRICT. Connect with a neighbor (from 6ft away) to help develop an innovative idea.
  • Email Andrew Waltz for in-depth tips/advice as well as questions and suggestions.