2018 Installations at the Station

Six New Projects Chosen for Installations at The Station at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station

NTC Foundation’s Art in Public Places Committee, chaired by Vicki Reed, has selected six temporary art projects as part of a new rotating program titled Installations at the Station. These widely diverse, site-specific outdoor art installations will continue to help transform the historic 100-acre former Naval Training Center site into a thriving arts and culture destination for the community.

Artists were invited to submit proposals that use art to transform the monochromatic, rigid former military base into a creative place that reflects the historic and cultural vibrancy of the San Diego-Baja border region. Twenty-eight proposals were submitted to the committee and reviewed on criteria related to innovation, community engagement, whether the project showcased the history of San Diego, enhanced the dignity of the site and added to the creative hub of the ARTS DISTRICT. In addition, the panel looked at authenticity, creativity, budget and experience. The Foundation set aside a budget of $60,000 to support this initiative.

Six projects were selected for final commissioning and will be on exhibit from a few weeks to many months, depending on the project. The works range from a sculptural tableau of painted skateboards that resemble rolling waves to a bench made entirely of rope that references the Kumeyaay, early Spanish explorers and the Navy.

2018 Installations at the Station selections

Installations are scheduled to built and installed throughout 2018. Check back here to see when each have been completed. *Some images shown here are renderings or representations of similar works.


ARTIST: David Krimmel, Normal Heights
LOCATION: Barracks 14 & 15
April 2018 – Present
This 30’ x 8’ foot installation on an arcade rooftop walkway will be created using 1,200 colored transparent tiles that will literally “flutter” in the wind. Inspired by the original tiles in Liberty Public Market, the piece will cast colorful shadows depending on sun and season.


ARTIST: Karl Alex Roesch, Long Beach
LOCATION: North Promenade
INSTALLED: June 2018 – May 2019
DESCRIPTION: A braided rope bench that brings together cultures past and present with its design concept.  The interwoven rope lines will reflect styles from the Kumeyaay Native tribes to the Navy and modern day sailing.


ARTIST: Lissa Corona, Oceanside and Marina Grize, San Diego
LOCATION: Barracks 16 & 17
INSTALLED: June 2018 – September 2018
DESCRIPTION: This light installation relates to the US Navy and its reverence for camaraderie, protection, love and support. REST EASY is a phrase commonly used by the Navy as an assurance to those they protect. “Rest easy tonight, U.S. Navy has the watch” was tweeted by the Navy in 2012 and the artists are using the text to invoke a variety of emotions and interactions with the viewer.


ARTIST: Jeremy Nuttall, Poway
INSTALLATION NAME: Rolling it Forward
LOCATION: Roof of Building 202 above the San Diego Watercolor Society
INSTALLED: July 2018 – Present
DESCRIPTION:  This structure will represent a boat and rolling waves made entirely of community-painted skateboards. It builds on the concept of “Pay It Forward” and requires the support and involvement of the community to be completed through public painting events. The project references two important histories of San Diego both the Naval and Maritime histories along with the influence San Diego has had on the progression of skateboarding and the communities they connect.


ARTIST: Hugo Crosthwaite, Tijuana, Mexico
INSTALLATION NAME: Column A and Column B: A Continual Mural Narrative Performance
LOCATION: Arcades Barracks 14
INSTALLED: August 2018 – Present
DESCRIPTION: This mural project is about presenting muralism as performance. Crosthwaite will improvise a mural in public for 16 days. During that time, the public is invited to see him work and to ask questions. The project is a performance about the creative process and about the nature of art. It’s also a celebration of draftsmanship.



ARTIST: The AjA Project/Josemar Gonzalez, North Park/City Heights
INSTALLATION NAME: Transcending Perception
LOCATION: Between THE LOT and Dance Place
DESCRIPTION: The piece is a series of doors composed of a variety of layers placed strategically, juxtaposing the images and narrative of communities that have been historically silenced and or underrepresented by the media. The piece invites the viewer to question their perception and what factors come to influence and inform it. During the day the doors will stand as a monument for these stories and communities inviting the audience to question their perception as they walk through the doors. At night, they will glow and project colors, shapes, and narrative into the surrounding landscape. *Rendering Shown.