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Program Discovery Survey & Discussion

We are conducting a Program Discovery Survey to collect your input on programs. Our NTC Foundation intern, Gaby may call or email you to help collect survey responses. Register for the program discussion to share results and further thoughts on Tuesday, April 6 from 12-1 PM. REGISTER HERE.


ARTS DISTRICT Creative Conversations (Zoom Webinar)

Many of you have mentioned continuing and new programs that you lead. Starting on April 22 ARTS DISTRICT Creative Conversations will air. REGISTER HERE. You can email Andrew

AWaltz@NTCFoundaion.org if you are interested in participating.


ARTS DISTRICT 60-Second Spotlight

To better utilize the ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station YouTube Channel please share with us a 60-second spotlight. REGISTER HERE for the Spotlight series. Submit the video file by emailing Andrew AWaltz@NTCFoundaion.org.


Virtual First Friday ARTS DISTRICT

While we pause and evaluate First Friday/Virtual First Friday, those who want to continue First Friday programs may do so as a ‘tenant led’ opportunity.  If you are doing this, please advise us and we will promote what you are offering. WATCH A 3-MINUTE PRO-TIP VIDEO


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Your Location in ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station

Barracks and Building numbers listed on exterior walls are Historic Navy elements. They are now used for pedestrian way-finding and on the campus map. e.g. “Barracks 19” or “Building 200” NOTE: The post office and other mail services do not use Barracks/Building numbers.  Please refer to your lease documents for your mailing address.

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Email questions to Tina Medina at tmedina@ntcfoundation.org

Calendar Listings

San Diego region Calendar Listings
*Calendar listings are generally free but may require unique login or other processes to share your content.

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Friends of NTC are community-minded individuals and organizations who are an integral part of the advancement and success of the nonprofit, NTC Foundation.  Friends support everything happening in ARTS DISTRICT, from helping programs like Liberty School and the ARTS DISTRICT Collaborative, to keeping the 26 historic former Navy buildings shipshape, and more. Join Friends of NTC here.

Liberty Station Tenants are also invited to participate in the Friends of NTC Token Program.  By participating in the token program with a special offer, Friends of NTC members will be encouraged to shop, dine and support the arts at your location.  Participating locations will receive a Friends of NTC decal and a QR code for guests to scan and learn about the program and special offers.  If you are interested in participating in the token program, please fill out the survey linked here.

For more information contact Hannah Abendschein at habendschein@ntcfoundation.org