ARTS DISTRICT Collaborative

The NTC Foundation ARTS DISTRICT Collaborative is in its sixth year of providing funding for creative proposals that support and promote the great things that NTC Foundation tenants are doing. The Collaborative program encourages proposals to consider how to welcome the public to ARTS DISTRICT using diversity, creativity, and cultural expression while focusing on subject matter that represents ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station experiences and partners.

ARTS DISTRICT Collaborative 2024 Recipients and Projects 

Unidos por el Estumbre/United by Yarn
Organization: Visions Museum of Textile Art in collaboration with San Diego Craft Collective and Songbirds Music
Spring 2024

Unidos Por El Estambre/United By Yarn is a collaborative public fiber arts project by Visions Museum of Textile Art (VMOTA), San Diego Craft Collective (SDCC), and Songbirds Music. This initiative is designed to support participatory yarn bombing projects among all three partners. The catalyst for United By Yarn is VMOTA’s upcoming exhibition “Latine: Entretejida / Interwoven” (May 11th to October 5th, 2024). Latine, a partnership with the Balboa Art Conservation Center and endorsed by World Design Capital San Diego-Tijuana 2024, focuses on the life experiences of border artists Irma Poeter, Marisa Raygoza, Mely Barragan, and Oliva Arreguin. United By Yarn aims to celebrate both the contemporary and rich textile heritage of the San Diego/Tijuana region, aligning with the Latine exhibition’s theme by emphasizing creative shared experiences that connect people and nations. Both United By Yarn and Latine will explore our region’s binational culture. The initiative will feature one Sit and Stitch session at SDCC as well as a large event with stations for creating crochet, knit, and woven motifs, intended for use in multiple yarn bombing installations. Additionally, there will be an interactive musical area showcasing instruments and an engaging Spanish language song activity featuring a parachute. The activities are suitable for all ages and skill levels. Staff, volunteers, and crochet and knit teachers will be on-site for guidance. LINK

Blossoming Borders
Ana Galena Floral Studio in collaboration with Rosa Huerta of Mi Gallery, Tu Gallery
Fall 2024

“Blossoming Borders” is a multi-faceted celebration that aims to bridge divides and celebrate the rich tapestry of life along the Tijuana/San Diego border. Through floral displays, paintings, and writings, the event showcases the unique identity of the region and fosters community connections. Selected responses from the community serve as inspiration for artists, resulting in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant exhibition. Workshops provide opportunities for active participation, enhancing community involvement and contributing to the narrative of unity and shared creativity.

ARTS DISTRICT Collaborative 2023 Recipients and Projects 

Cameras in Communities
Organization: Outside the Lens in collaboration with Treehouse Academy
February 3, 2023

This innovative digital media art workshop will introduce youth to the art of photography and digital media making. Students from Treehouse Academy will enjoy a photography workshop from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. taught by teachers from Outside the Lens, followed by an exhibition of the photos from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Treehouse Academy on Friday, February 3.


Motions and Emotions: Filipino American Stories of Healing
Organization: Emerging Artist Trixi Anne Agiao and The Thoughtful Beast in collaboration with New Americans Museum
Date: February 3-19, 2023 | Location: New Americans Museum

Motions and Emotions is a four-part event comprised of an art exhibit and three performances addressing Filipino American intergenerational trauma. The Thoughtful Beast, also known as Trixi Anne Agiao, a socially conscious choreographer and filmmaker, wanted to highlight multiple perspectives from different generations in the exhibit while allowing the artists to have creative freedom. Attendees will experience an array of artistic mediums including paint and embroidery from various artists along with performances from rap to dance. The gallery exhibit will be on display February 3-5, February 9-12 and February 16-19. Performances will take place on February 3 through February 5. Tickets to the performance are $20, and opening night is free. To reserve a spot for opening night, click here. To purchase tickets for other performance dates, click here.


Master Class Series
Organization: The Rosin Box Project in collaboration with San Diego Dance Theater
April 8, June 17, August 26, and October 21 | Location: Light Box Theater

Grab your dancing shoes, because The Rosin Box Project and San Diego Dance Theater will be collaborating on a free Master Class Series for students in 2023. Taught by world-renowned professional artists, this series will feature four public classes hosted at San Diego Dance Theater’s Light Box Theater. The classes will take place throughout the year, corresponding with local University schedules and the performance schedules of each troupe’s resident artists. Students will enjoy classes taught by artists including Pablo Pianto and Mike Tyus along with other choreographers to offer four unique voices that each connect with a different facet of the contemporary dance world and offer this perspective to the greater community. LINK


Music Classes for Young Students
Organization: Treehouse Academy in collaboration with Apt 4 Music
March 31, 2023 | Location: North Promenade

Beginning Tuesday, February 21, students of the Treehouse Academy will get the chance to participate in six weeks of twice-weekly music classes with Apt 4 Music. Students will learn to play the ukulele, drums and other percussion instruments during the duration of the workshops. At the end of the program, the students will put on a public performance on Friday, March 31 at the North Promenade from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.


Youth Dance Photography Workshop
Organization: Malashock Dance in collaboration with Outside the Lens
Exhibit: June 8, 2023 | Location: Malashock Dance

This youth dance photography workshop and exhibit will connect local students from marginalized communities. Students will have the opportunity to learn from renowned dance photographer, Doug McMinimy, about different techniques to capture dance effectively through a photographic lens, followed by an interactive photo shoot with Malashock Dance Company. The workshop will be held on Saturday, May 6 and the photos will be on display during ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station’s First Friday, illuminating the power of collaboration and intergenerational artistic endeavors.


Choreography and Writing Workshop
Organization: San Diego Writers Ink in collaboration with Trixi Anne Agiao
May 2023 | Location: The Light Box Theater

BIPOC writers and choreographers come together for this special program that brings the two groups of creatives together to explore the collaborative process within their art. After being grouped together, the various writers and choreographers will work together to create an inspired presentation or showing of their choosing. Following the presentation, the artists will host a Q&A with the artists to help them connect with the community on a deeper level while also promoting art literacy. This program supports San Diego Writers Ink’s mission of promoting literature, facilitating artistic collaborations, and providing artistic development for artists of all levels.


Organization: Resurrecting Lives Foundation in collaboration with The LOT
September 2023 | Location: The LOT Theater

Resurrecting Lives Foundation will be presenting a short film titled “Brainstorms” at The LOT, addressing the struggles and invisible wounds of war soldiers experience. Pisano Artistry will present an art display that addresses the comorbidities of TBI/PTSD including homelessness and suicide. Following the film and art display, audiences can partake in an interactive panel discussion about community solutions including art therapy which can help curb these comorbidities. The film will be shown throughout the month of September along with the artwork which will be on display at The LOT.

ARTS DISTRICT Collaborative 2022 Recipients and Programs

Children’s Garden
Organization: The Treehouse Academy & San Diego Craft Collective
Summer 2022

The Treehouse Academy and San Diego Craft Collective built a children’s garden outside of The Dorothea Laub Music & Arts Center, with seasonal vegetables, herbs, and native plants.


International Make Music Day
Organizations: Apt 4 Music & Songbirds Music
June 2022

Outdoor music instruction and interaction for all ages on North Promenade making ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station the official San Diego location for International Make Music Day.


Metal & Mud Wall Art Workshop
Organizations: Rekindle Pottery & AG Ambroult
July 23, 2022

This workshop focused on how to create a small piece of wall art with the use of premade/pre-cut pieces of metal and ceramic that are strung together in a decorative manner.  Collaborating on this project brought together the experience of both artists with their mediums and provides a safe space for women to explore their creativity.


Teaching Artist Professional Development Day
Organizations: Malashock Dance, CoTA & KIT
August 6, 2022

Malashock Dance will host a free “TEACHING ARTIST PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY” in collaboration with CoTA (Collaboration Teachers and Artists) and KIT (Kids Included Together), both Liberty Station tenants. Our target audience is all teaching artists (regardless of arts discipline), and classroom teachers who are passionate about working with arts teachers to enhance the learning experience of their students.


Video Workshop
Organizations: The Rosin Box Project & Outside the Lens
September 2022

Collaborating with Outside The Lens, TRBP presented a two-day workshop learning about capturing dance on film. Students worked with TRBP’s professional dancers and OTL’s tenured teaching artists, exploring how to highlight dance best on camera and the post-production work involved in creating a dance film short. The final videos were shown in a First Friday Showcase at the end of the project in September.


Uplifting Gestures
Organizations: Artist Leslie Pierce & Malashock Dance
September 2022

Public outdoor Gesture Drawing of Malashock Dancers led by Artist Leslie Pierce. Drawings were on display in Dick Laub NTC Command Center in November of 2022.


Birds in Motion
Organizations: San Diego Dance Theater & Mockingbird Improv
November 2022

Birds in Motion was a first time two-day collaboration between San Diego Dance Theater and Mockingbird Improv. This innovative pilot program consisted of two main components: a workshop open to the public, and a performance incorporating students from the workshop, along with a piece developed by the two professional companies.


2021 Collaborative Programs

Perspective Film Screening/ New Americans POV
Organization: San Diego Filipino Cinema & New Americans Museum
May 2021

San Diego Filipino Cinema in collaboration with New Americans Museum presented the virtual Perspective Film Screening/ New Americans POV of two award-winning films from two new Americans and POC filmmakers from the Philippines and Nigeria. An insightful discussion with filmmakers Drama Del Rosario and Peter Okojie followed the screening of their films. Drama’s film discusses issues of the LGBTQ experience and challenges of coming out in a religious and military family. Peter’s film discusses issues of poverty, economics, and a family’s aspirations for survival in Nigeria with the wife’s accidental introduction to boxing.


Dance is in the Air
Organization: San Diego Dance Theater, Malashock Dance & San Diego Ballet
May/June 2021

Malashock Dance, San Diego Ballet, and San Diego Dance Theater announced the return to live dance productions in the Dance is in the Air Festival on an outdoor stage at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station. The three companies spent over a year working in virtual platforms to continue to create and perform dance, and were thrilled to collaborate on the vision, design, fundraising, and procurement of an outside stage.


San Diego Craft Collective & Hakkai Aquascape Design Gallery
Organization: San Diego Craft Collective & Hakkai Aquascape Design Gallery
Dates: Summer 2021

San Diego Craft Collective in collaboration with Hakkai Aquascape Design Gallery hosted 4 craft-based demonstrations showcasing Hakkai’s special aquascaping skills and San Diego Craft Collective’s skills in woodworking and craft. The workshops were open to the public and offered free of charge.


Day of Art
Organization: San Diego Brain Injury Foundation & VELTZ Fine Art
Date: July 2021

The San Diego Brain Injury Foundation, in collaboration with Veltz Fine Art and Lovejoy Creations, produced a virtual Day of Art event for brain injury survivors. Day of Art was an opportunity for brain injury survivors to engage with creation of art projects in a variety of mediums as a form of art therapy. Survivors learned basic art techniques during Day of Art. This event, included art kits mailed to registered participants, was offered free of charge.


Organization: Outside the Lens & Young Lions Jazz Conservatory
Fall/Winter 2021

Outside the Lens in collaboration with the Young Lions Jazz Conservatory presented CineScore, a multi-session media + film scoring program for high school students. Students collaborated on a multimedia project, creating a short narrative, documentary, or hybrid film together. The Young Lions students wrote a play and record an original musical score in a live studio session. The final outcome of the project was be a short film with accompanying original music score co-produced and co-created by youth from both organizations.


The Rosin Box Project & Outside the Lens
Organization: The Rosin Box Project & Outside the Lens
Fall 2021

The Rosin Box Project (TRBP), in collaboration with Outside the Lens, presented a free, 3-day movement photography workshop in early summer catering to middle and high school students across the San Diego region. Students will engage with professional teaching artists and dancers, producing dance photography that were showcased in Dorothea Laub Dance Place. Working with Outside the Lens, TRBP targeted middle school and high school groups already engaged with both nonprofits, including student bodies at San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts and Coronado School of The Arts.


2020 Collaborative Events

The Waves of Feminism
Organization: Women’s Museum of California
January – March 2021

The “Waves of Feminism” was a temporary outdoor multi-panel mural that will describe and distinguish between different eras and generations of feminism in a way that is educational, enlightening, and engaging. The three-panel mural featured images of prominent women who contributed to each era’s movement, along with didactic information embedded into the canvasses to provide context. An additional innovation allowed viewers to utilize their smartphones using a QR code or other technology, to connect to segments of audio or video recordings of the women’s speeches archived at the Library of Congress.


STREAM/Line: A Virtual Dance Series
Organization: Malashock Dance
November/December 2020

Malashock Dance presented STREAM/Line, a five-part series of unique, 30-minute, COVID-safe events, live-streamed from the Malashock Studio Theater. This series featured live World Premiere dance performances, open rehearsals where audiences could peer into the creative process in real time, forum discussions that address the current challenges and opportunities in the performing arts and made-for-the-camera dance films.


Day of Art
Organization/Artist: San Diego Brain Injury Foundation & Veltz Fine Art
November/December 2020

The San Diego Brain Injury Foundation (SDBIF) is collaborated with Veltz Fine Art to produce two virtual Day of Art events for brain injury survivors, an opportunity for brain injury survivors to create art projects in a variety of mediums. Survivors learned basic art techniques and the event also provided a positive environment where survivors could connect with peers. Registered participants received an art kit in the mail to enable participation and eliminate the need for them to purchase any supplies to participate.


Fish Out of Water 2020
Artist: Lauren LeVieux
November 1 – April 2021

A temporary art installation, Fish Out of Water 2020 was a collaborative art piece only visible when wet. On rainy days the artwork surprised visitors. On sunny days a little water revealed the installation.


Annual Day of the Dead Commemorative Celebration
Organization: New Americans Museum
November 2, 2020

Presented by New Americans Museum, this year’s Annual Day of the Dead Commemorative Celebration featured a special multimedia presentation in lieu of a physical altar to respect social distancing measures. The anticipated Día de Muertos/Day of the Dead experience honored the 200,000+ lives lost in the U.S. to the coronavirus pandemic with a student-led video/film, accompanying narrative and Zoom discussion with Professor of Anthropology Dr. Jose Guadalupe Flores from Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, detailing the symbols and significance of a cultural and pilgrimage practice dating back to precolonial times in Mexico.


Together, Liberty: Metamorphosis
Artist: Leslie Pierce
December 2020 -March 2021
Location: Martha Pace Swift Gallery, Building 201 in ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station

“Together, Liberty” is a wall exhibit and online platform celebrating Metamorphosis, as seen as a butterfly. The butterfly can be interpreted in any way – abstractly or real in images, through the media of dance, jewelry, food, drink, sculpture, ceramics, paintings, architecture, flowers and words, and can be completely conceptual. This project will include a physical exhibit of hanging 8×8” prints at The Martha Pace Swift Gallery each available for viewing online.


Wanderlings the Zine Meets Liberty Station
Whimsique, MK Envisions, San Diego Watercolor Society and White Box Live Arts
April 2020

Art Date- 3 hour workshops and scavenger hunt to promote creativity and discovery across the campus. Includes a custom art map, photo prompts, art and text installations, portrait studios and submission boxes for innovative interactions with participants.


Perspective Series Film Screening
San Diego Filipino Cinema, New Americans Museum & Outside the Lens
February 2020

New Americans Museum partnered with San Diego Filipino Cinema to produce a Perspective screening program dedicated to bringing unique, powerful, and relevant films coming from the perspective of Filipinx filmmakers from around the world. The collective focus was on compelling films that address social justice issues rarely seen or talked about on the big screen. Included relevant shorts and a post screening Q & A.

2019 Collaborative Events

Summer Solstice featuring Art, Music, Dance & Dining
In collaboration with ARTS DISTRICT tenants
June 2019

A three-day weekend of visual and culinary experiences to awaken your senses to the summer sun! The celebration begins Friday evening and runs through Sunday evening.
The sunny daytime hours will be filled with Public Art participation and special events found in and around the ARTS DISTRICT’s more than 25 artist studios, to live music,
dance performances and yoga in the lawn. The evening hours are focused on indulging the taste buds and dining under the stars at one of the many top rated restaurants’
patios. Restaurants at Liberty Station can be found here. The Sunday night finale will be Congé the “ArtGastro Progressive Dinner of a Lifetime!” Dinner Guests will progress thru 3 Courses served at Veltz Fine Art, Solare Ristorante and MK Envision Galleries, with Celebrity Chef Flor Franco & Executive Chef Filippo Piccini.

First Friday Performance
In collaboration with DanzArts, Emilio Ochando and San Diego Dance Theater
October 2019
Location: White Box Live Arts

DanzArts La Esencia Flamenca Dance Company will be hosting world renowned and award-winning flamenco dancer, Emilio Ochando. A free Flamenco workshop will take
place and be open to the public. Prior to performance, attendees will have an opportunity to meet Ochando during a reception at 5:30 pm-7 pm with a free demonstration of his work and a history of flamenco at Dorothea Laub Dance Place.

Live Arts Fest
In collaboration with San Diego Dance Theater, Kevin Winger Fine Art, Lauren LeVieux, M. Fishbeck Studio Gallery, Velz Fine Art, Blue Pearl Art and Alexia Rose Art
April 2019
Location: White Box Live Arts

Dance-makers and 5 visual artists from ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station work collaboratively to inspire each other for the annual Live Arts Fest; creating original images for projection. The artists and dance-makers worked together, holding collaborative meetings and using the descriptions of the intended work from the dancemakers to serve as a point of inspiration.

Spring in the Arts
In collaboration with Recreational Music Center, Monart School of Art and The LOT
March 2019
Locations: Recreational Music Center, Monart School of Art and The LOT

Spring into the Arts is a collaborative camp that will offer a 5-hour camp experience for kids ages 4-14. The camp will conclude with a showcase of what they learned at THE
LOT. The showcase will allow for the public to view their work on the big screen, while also enjoying music by Recreational Music Center.

Filmmersion presented by San Diego Filipino Cinema
In collaboration with New Americans Museum and The LOT
March 2019

The San Diego Filipino Cinema in association with the New Americans Museum will host Filmmersion – a three-day film immersion workshop .The best three short films will be
selected to be shown at THE LOT prior to the showing of “The Women of The Weeping River.”