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2019/ 2020


Remi Dalton

San Diego-based artist. Her work investigates how internet culture has blurred the boundaries between art and life, aesthetics and ethics. Her practice is centered around painting, but also includes video, mixed media, and installation. Remi received her Master of Fine Arts in Painting from San Diego State University in 2019, and dual Bachelor’s degrees in Visual Arts and Chemistry from the University of San Diego in 2014. Learn more.


Nina Montejano

Nina Montejano is a visual artist currently based in San Diego. Working in a variety of media, she uses subjects that carry personal implications and meanings, which she has developed through her own life experiences. Her work is personally meditative in its repetition of ordinary subjects and material handling; more importantly, however, it raises questions of meaning rather than giving a direct answer. Nina earned her Bachelor of Arts in visual arts and architecture from the University of San Diego in 2019. Learn more.