Current Installations on Display

Public Art Projects at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station


Current Installations at the Station on Display at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station


ARTIST: Miki Iwasaki, San Diego, CA
LOCATION: Sybil Stockdale Rose Garden outside Dick Laub NTC Command Center, between Building 200 and Building 201, near Shop Mingei and Café Mingei
August 2019
This installation will contain three sculptures incorporating steel and wooden bench elements, representing the universal, primal need for shelter and spaces for face-to-face conversation. An artist reception, open to the public, will showcase the connection between small-scale model making and large-scale architecture and construction.



ARTIST: Jason Xavier Lane, San Diego, CA
INSTALLATION NAME: Tessellation #1
LOCATION: Sybil Stockdale Rose Garden outside Dick Laub NTC Command Center, between Building 200 and Building 201, near Shop Mingei and Café Mingei
INSTALLED: September 2019
DESCRIPTION: This sculpture is influenced by craft and design in the San Diego region, past and present. A sculptural monolith clad in three-dimensional, hand-cast concrete tiles will be set beneath two existing magnolia trees. A bench of hand-hewn timber is inset within the sculpture to reflect Liberty Station’s original 1920’s grand post-and-beam roof construction and the legacy of naval shipbuilding.


ARTIST: Michelle Montjoy, Oceanside, CAA Dime To Call Home
LOCATION: Archways along the North Promenade
INSTALLED: October 2019
DESCRIPTION: A collection of sea bags cast in cement, revealing bits of soft clothing and “arms” knitted from nautical rope reaching up from each bag, this installation represents the transformations new recruits experience upon entering the military and its contrasts to home life. The artist would like to add a public engagement element to the installation by knitting on tabletop looms or casting a small time capsule of sea bags with school groups.



ARTIST: Jeremy Nuttall, Poway
INSTALLATION NAME: Rolling it Forward
LOCATION: Roof of Building 202 above the San Diego Watercolor Society
INSTALLED: July 2018 
DESCRIPTION:  This structure will represent a boat and rolling waves made entirely of community-painted skateboards. It builds on the concept of “Pay It Forward” and requires the support and involvement of the community to be completed through public painting events. The project references two important histories of San Diego both the Naval and Maritime histories along with the influence San Diego has had on the progression of skateboarding and the communities they connect.



ARTIST: Hugo Crosthwaite, Tijuana, Mexico
INSTALLATION NAME: Column A and Column B: A Continual Mural Narrative Performance
LOCATION: Arcades Barracks 14
INSTALLED: August 2018
DESCRIPTION: This mural project is about presenting muralism as performance. Crosthwaite will improvise a mural in public for 16 days. During that time, the public is invited to see him work and to ask questions. The project is a performance about the creative process and about the nature of art. It’s also a celebration of draftsmanship.


ARTIST: David Krimmel, Normal Heights
LOCATION: Barracks 14 & 15
April 2018 
This 30’ x 8’ foot installation on an arcade rooftop walkway will be created using 1,200 colored transparent tiles that will literally “flutter” in the wind. Inspired by the original tiles in Liberty Public Market, the piece will cast colorful shadows depending on sun and season.


ARTIST: Brad Howe
LOCATION: Next to Building 176

One of America’s wittiest and most versatile makers of public art, a direct stylistic and spiritual inheritor of Alexander Calder and Joan Miro, a sculptor of broad formal range but consistently expansive spirit.





ARTIST: Jeffery Laundeslager, Encinitas, CA
LOCATION: Near Building 175

The graceful kinetic pieces have been described as visual tai-chi.  The artist’s work is in many private collections as well as numerous public sites.





ARTIST: Victor Ving
INSTALLATION NAME: Greetings from the U.S. Naval Training Station
LOCATION: 2875 Dewey Road

Inspired by the vintage “Large Letter” postcard art popularized during the 30’s-50’s. This mural is the modern interpretation of an iconic military postcard and celebrates Liberty Station’s naval history and recent resurgence as one of San Diego’s top destinations for art, life and the culture in the city.


LOCATION: 2770 Historic Decatur Road next to Barracks 14

Every piece of wood has its own character, flaws, perfections, details and personality.  The future is made by the hands of the brave and this is a fitting installation that honors the navy heritage of NTC and those who served.

Coming Soon!

ARTIST: The AjA Project/Josemar Gonzalez, North Park/City Heights
INSTALLATION NAME: Transcending Perception
LOCATION: Between THE LOT and Dance Place
DESCRIPTION: The piece is a series of doors composed of a variety of layers placed strategically, juxtaposing the images and narrative of communities that have been historically silenced and or underrepresented by the media. The piece invites the viewer to question their perception and what factors come to influence and inform it. During the day the doors will stand as a monument for these stories and communities inviting the audience to question their perception as they walk through the doors. At night, they will glow and project colors, shapes, and narrative into the surrounding landscape. *Rendering Shown.