ARTS DISTRICT Emerging Artist

Opportunity for
Rent-Free Studio Space In
Liberty Station

In 2022 the NTC Foundation selected 3 emerging artists to hold space in ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station. NTC Foundation’s Emerging Artists program has an initiative to foster emerging San Diego/ Northern Baja Region dance makers and dance maker collaboratives with studio space and the chance to participate in a growing, creative environment. The initiative is designed to help them build their career in San Diego, engage with other artists, and grow their audience and patron base for future success.

2023 Emerging Artist

Leslye Villaseñor is a recent Studio Arts graduate from UCSD, Leslye Villaseñor has exhibited as part of several exhibitions throughout San Diego including South Central Library in Chula Vista, the Student Gallery at Southwestern College, the Adam D. Kamil Gallery at UCSD, and most recently at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library in La Jolla.

Primarily focused on oil painting, Leslye’s creations delve into the essence of human consciousness, memory, perception, and the rawness of human emotion based upon her own personal experience, direct observation, and philosophical underpinnings. Most of her work, which features melancholic and haunting themes, aims to capture a moment in time allowing audience members to feel connected with and insert themselves into these dream-like scenarios. More recently, during her work with the New Native Narratives Apprenticeship Program, Leslye explored the idea of imperfection in discarded materials where the shadow of a material’s past purpose remains. Now at the precipice of her budding professional career, Leslye is eager to dedicate herself completely to experimentation, research and creation.



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